Voice Interface

Trade Me
Voice Fed-ex

The Problem

We had 24 hours to research and execute a project as a team that delivered "Customer Oroha (Love)" as a Fed-ex day project.

I found a team that was looking to use voice as I think that its imperative to get a good understanding as to the nuances of voice interactions, how to develop for voice, how call and response work, how our brand values can extend to a non-visual interface.

Unfortunately, the team of very smart developers and product managers I found had decided to pursue a clever, but ultimately unambitius not the that useful approach of replicating our search function.

The Solution

I convinced the team to take a more ambitious approach that focused on how we could augment the Trade Me desktop experience with voice interactions not replicate screen interactions poorly.

We developed the three user stories over there.

We delivered a functioning prototype that accesses the Trade Me API to pull back live data.

I gave several demos to up to 600 people using a mix of Google Assistant on a Google Home Mini and Siri on an iPhone beating 47 other projects.

  • Design Lead
  • Product Lead

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