Year / 2023
Size / H.297 by W.210mm
Materials / Cyanotype sun print

Rich McCoy Signiture

FOR SALE: Origionals

These photos are the parters of the Heart Songs From Summerland paintings. My vision is brought to life through the integration of AI engineering, which generates templates that serve as a foundation for editing in photoshop and thenthe sun to develop.

Within this collection, you will find an ever-expanding series of paintings and photos depicting ethereal structures that seem to hover in a realm between reality and imagination. These floating buildings embody a place that exist within yearning for an idealized homeland that was never realized. Inspired by the concept of Summerland which predates notions of heaven and hell, these artworks are intended to go beyond individual pieces and evolve into a cohesive community. With each new addition, a tangible and interconnected world emerges, complete with its own lore and narratives.

Caroline Frances (Shilmo) Tucker's

Heart Songs from Summerland / Hope Wylders Home
Heart Songs from Summerland / The Pottery
Elizabeth Blout's
Sir Ambrose Willoughby's
Heart Songs from Summerland / The Guildhall