Rich McCoy - Artist


An artist exploring the
tapestry of nature's power,
whimsy, and beauty.

Cernunnos's Breath
Current project


Low Frequency Meditative Landscapes for Healing and Renewal

This video features a generative music track that is specifically designed to promote deep relaxation and healing. The low frequencies of the music will resonate with your body and mind, helping to release stress and tension.
Current project

Heart Songs
from Summerland

Cyanotypes | Paintings

A large set of fantastical architecture paintings on A4 in matt acrylic. Exploring concepts of home ownership, fantasy, the liminal space of my ancesters and whimsy.
Heartsongs from Summerland
hearth tales
Current project

Hearth Tales

Where stories kindle creative flames

An evolving collection of interviews with artists & creators. Exploring themes of creative block, finding your voice, and balancing out the practical vs. creative parts of their practice.
Current project

Saudade Lunations for Theia

Virtual Reality enhanced wall clocks

Saudade Lunations for Theia is a groundbreaking collection of 13 moon-themed sculptures, each crafted from a vintage hardback book repurposed into a functional wall clock with bespoke 3D moon renderings projected out from the clocks, accompanied by unique, low-tempo electronic music compositions
Saudade Lunations for Theia


Creativity and Chaos: Meet Rich McCoy

I draw inspiration from the wild spirits of the natural world to create works that challenge traditional boundaries. My practice spans various mediums, including vintage cameras, painting, printmaking, kintsugi, and sculpture. Ultimately, my work invites the viewer to connect with the wildness in us all and embrace the unknown... Read more

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Copying someone's art without permission is like taking a piece of their heart. Let's respect each other's creativity and originality. Remember, supporting artists means not stealing from them.

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