the Essence of Found Type,
       Bad Handwriting,
        & Vintage Charm in
        6 Distinct Anti-Fonts


Step into a world where rules are shattered and conventions are challenged. The Enigmatic Collection is a groundbreaking assembly of fonts that defies the norm—a rebellious celebration of anti-fonts that disrupt the traditional typography landscape.

Embrace the unconventional and break free from the confines of traditional design with my collection of six distinct anti-fonts. Inspired by the essence of found type, stencils, bad handwriting, and vintage aesthetics, these fonts embody a sense of rebellion and defiance. Each letterform is meticulously crafted to defy expectations, with a touch of imperfection that adds character and intrigue.

Immerse yourself in a typographic adventure where the unexpected takes center stage. The Enigmatic Collection invites you to explore the untapped realm of anti-fonts, where unorthodox influences and unique design elements converge. Experience the power of disruption and unlock new possibilities for your creative endeavors.

Please note: The Enigmatic Collection comprises six distinct anti-fonts, meticulously designed to challenge conventional norms and redefine typographic boundaries. Embrace the rebellious spirit and infuse your designs with a captivating, unconventional aesthetic.

Hello Lori
a popular hand drawn stencil typeface

Hello Lori

a popular hand drawn stencil typeface

Hello Lori is a captivating limited hand-drawn font, inspired by a stencil, that has gained widespread popularity for its unique style and has found its way into the pages of books, the layouts of magazines, and the title sequences of films.

  Hello Lori Font


a handwritten anti-typeface

Dyslexia is a distinctive limited hand-drawn font, created based on my own loose dyslexic scrawl, featuring a messy and discordant aesthetic that captures the essence of the condition while providing a unique and expressive typographic experience.

  Dyslexia Font
Dyslexia a handwritten anti-typeface
Page 13 - a found anti-type face

Page 13

a found anti-type face

Page 13 is a captivating typeface built on an old hand-typed official report documenting the wildlife of the British Pacific colonies, embodying the charm and authenticity of vintage typewriter fonts, and evoking a sense of nostalgia while preserving the historical essence of the document.

  Page 13 Font

Cheaeky Charlie

a hand stamped anti-typeface

Cheaeky Charlie is a rebellious and whimsical hand-stamped anti-typeface, showcasing its distinctive wonky rotations, intentional variations in type filling, and playfully purposeful typos, inviting creativity and breaking the rules of conventional typography with a mischievous charm.

  Cheaeky Charlie Font
Cheeky Charliea hand stamped anti-typeface
Dirty stencil - a less-popular hand drawn stencil typeface

Dirty stencil

a less-popular hand drawn stencil typeface

Dirty Stencil is a lesser-known hand-drawn stencil typeface, infused with character and imperfections, created using a stencil graciously given to me by the widow of a rural English vicar, embodying a raw and gritty aesthetic that adds an edgy and unconventional touch to any design project.

  Dirty Stencil Font

Karate Dingbat

a found dingbat typeface

Karate Dingbat is a discovered dingbat typeface, crafted from a book lovingly passed down by my late father, adding a sentimental touch to its unusable yet intriguing collection of martial arts-inspired symbols. I invite daring designers to explore its unconventional nature and pay homage to the cherished memories it holds.

  Karate Dingbat
Karate Dingbat - a found dingbat typeface